The DESMO 30 rotating machine represents the natural evolution of the Ribipack Seal Concept, based on the application of a protective film on the top of any type of food container, thus ensuring their airtight sealing.

This mono- or multi-layer barrier film is mechanically applied by the filling company onto the filled metallic cans, without using any glue or welding and without leaving any residual material on the containers’ edge.

DESMO 30 has been designed to apply the protective film as part of a high-speed manufacturing process.

Its dimensions can vary depending on the accessories needed as buffers for containers, drying and sanitizing modules.

It can also be used as under-sealing, which will result in a ten-fold increase in the sealing power of screw caps and twist-off or pressure plugs.

It is normally  applied to cans to keep their upper parts sterile.

The sealing film can be printed on and used as a label or for communication purposes.

Both its effectiveness and low cost make it a very interesting and competitive product.