From transport to storage and up to the time of consumption, drink cans are exposed to various degrees of contamination by external agents such as dust, mould, condensates, or from contact with insects or other animals.

Nevertheless, the act of drinking from an iced can is considered both natural and enjoyable.

In order to preserve the can’s hygiene and allow manufacturers to offer consumers a product that is still as clean and safe as it was before going through all stages of the distribution chain, RIBIPACK has created the RibiCanSeal  sealing system, which has obtained FDA approval.

The RibiCanSeal, applied by a DESMO 30 sealing machine without using any glue, chemicals or heat, lays a protective film over filled cans with standard aluminium ring-pull opening and also prevents the conditions favouring the growth of bacteria.

Excellent results were obtained by keeping the sealed cans  for long periods of time at temperatures as high as 60°C, as in certain beverage vending machines.

The RibiCanSeal   protects standard and slim cans’ top surface and part of their body too, thus ensuring that the consumer, after its removal, can drink directly from the can without any risk.

The ultra-thin but durable and perfectly fitting film can be removed with a slight finger pressure even by a child.

The sealing machine DESMO 30 has been especially designed to apply this barrier film at a high industrial production speed.

Outstanding results and low costs make it very economical and competitive.

RibiCanSeal: an excellent hygienic barrier to improve food security.

The system’s advantages

It guarantees the absolute hygiene of the can’s top surface and of that part of its body that comes into direct contact with the mouth.

It allows the consumer to drink straight from the can without any risk.

It improves product image.

It ensures an airtight seal when immersed in water.

Suitable for hot beverage vending machines.

Compatible with the Multipack traditional system.

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